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Entertainment in Russia.

So how do Russians have fun?

Oh, they have a lot of it, I promise you! People in Russia love to have fun, spend time together, with families, friends, their loved ones. Usually in Russia a huge group of people meets together at the dinner table; the whole family, friends, relatives, children and grandchildren.

There is absolutely everything on the table: different salads, - most popular is "olivie" (potatoes - very typical Russian food, pickles!! – the most popular Russian food :-) ham, eggs, peas, and of course mayonnaise!) It looks like Russians add mayonnaise just about everywhere. Original Russian mayonnaise is also a lot spicier then the one you got used to in Europe or United States. If you were ever invited to a Russian party you definitely know the taste. Later comes the main dish (usually potatoes with meat or chicken) and then a dessert (often very sugary) with lots of black tea. Here you will find out more about traditional Russian food and learn some Russian recipes.

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After eating and drinking there comes singing and dancing part. Do not miss that! :-) Older and younger family members start dancing together warmed up by the drinks. Usually it is a lot of fun, so get ready to be dragged to the dancing room even if you are taking a firm stand and not willing to dance at all. That is a lot like with the drinking ritual, when the question is not: “Do you want to dance?” , but more of “Are you going to dance?” Most times this question is rhetorical and unnecessary; - you just have to dance at a Russian party. Often, especially in summer Russians would go out walking after all the food effusion, usually to a neighbourhood park or just walking around in the city and having as much fun as possible. Sometimes some group members get lost on the way (again, drinks side effect :-) but usually it is just a nice walk, when everyone has a possibility to share thoughts, feelings and sure enough make many great jokes! Russians usually tell jokes and anecdotes all the time, this is something you will be hearing in Russia always, people there just love laughing, be it about themselves or others. And maybe you already have a sufficient level of Russian to understand Russian humour; it is usually very witty and amusing!

So on average, private home parties are a lot more popular in Russia then going out to clubs or pubs. Still there is a vast amount of different night clubs, bars and restaurants in the biggest cities of Russia, like Moscow and St.-Petersburg. This is where younger Russians spend their free time. Going out to night clubs in Russia started relatively short time ago, because as you can imagine it was simply impossible during the communism times, so lately it became very “cool” and popular as opposed to the parties at home.

And what else do Russians do for fun? Well, they go to the theatres, cinemas, museums, exhibitions, various events and city holidays. As I have already mentioned before there is such a great variety of extremely interesting places to visit in Russia (especially Moscow and St.-Petersburg) that is it just impossible to have a dull moment there. And unlikely from many other places in the world, Russians actually really go to those points of interest; it is not for tourists only.

Russians also go shopping for fun, just as any other people around the globe, but it sometimes seems that they even enjoy it a lot more then any one else, again as a result of a tremendous change which occurred after the end of communism. At that time there was hardly any choice in the department stores and ordinary citizen could not simply buy anything, even if they had enough money to afford it.

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