Russians. Russian lifestyle, mentality and more.

So you always wanted to know more about those mysterious Russians? Yes, there is a lot of mystery involved.

Russian mentality is truly different from the usual thinking of a West European or North American person. Russians may seem quite reserved, harsh and distant at first, but in most cases just in a few minutes they will open up and you will have a great conversation and maybe even a new friend!

Some of you, who were lucky enough travel to Russia already know that usually people on the streets do not look too happy, but please do not forget that this is Russia! It gets very cold and dark in winter which is often quite depressing. This is not Cuba or Costa Rica! But I have to say that very often this unfriendly look is just a facade, — as soon as you start talking to a person they will literally «lighten up» and in most cases they will be really happy to speak to you.

Russians will gladly invite you to their home even after hardly knowing you at all. They are very curious about foreigners; that must be an effect of many years of communism, when one could hardly meet a foreigner anywhere.

As a guest you will have a great dinner, with all traditional Russian food and drinks one can only imagine! If you do not want to lose your pride then prepare yourself to the Russian party, especially its drinking part (which is almost an art!) Here you will find out how to drink in style 🙂

And as I have mentioned before, do not forget the weather factor! It may be a bit gloomy in winter, but if you ever visited Russia in summer I am sure you just loved it! Summer temperatures vary from 15 to 30 degrees Celsius, it can be quite sunny, the majority of people will spend their time outside, so you will never have to walk the streets alone.

What do Russians eat, drink, which movies and films do they watch? How do they treat Russian women? What is so popular on the Internet Russian dating all about?

Russians live in quite a cold climate, so you can guess there are few fruits and vegetables available. (At least it used to be so years ago, before they started shipping goods to Russia from all over the world.So most popular food in Russia is still potatoes and meat (there are really very few vegetarians in Russia). Porridges are popular, salads for summer and parties, most common fruits are apples, pears and watermelons in summer. And of course pickled food (cucumbers, tomatoes, mushrooms) which was grown in summer is always on the table in winter. Check our Russian Recipes page to learn more about Russian food.

Okay, with drinks it is easy; there is only one word — VODKA, and no, it is not just a stereotype about Russia, it is pure reality. Sometimes beer also comes into play, but most of the times it is vodka. HERE how to drink it right.

And Russians watch a lot of TV and movies, especially when not partying or when the weather is bad. There is a great number of really good, professional Russian movies, both comedies, tragedies, melodramas and thrillers. Russians are not so good in horror movies yet, but, I personally think, there is enough horror in this world.Russians love comedies with lots of good jokes and anecdotes. Ask any Russian and they will tell you the two best ever Russian comedies — «Брильянтовая рука» (Diamond Arm) and «Иван Васильевич меняет профессию» (Ivan Vasilevich changes his profession).More about Russian movies and actors HERE

And what about Russian women, Russian dating?

Russian women take great care of themselves, in spite of many life’s difficulties a Russian lady looks good, groomed and very feminine. (Some find it old fashioned, but as they say «tastes differ». I think it also happens because Russian guys are very attentive and caring for their women. They spend fortunes to make them happy and do not forget to give compliments each and every time. Our Russian dating and Russian women pages will reveal you more about those beautiful Russian ladies and gallant Russian guys.

We wish you great time discovering Russian people and Russian mentality! Besides, if you travel to a big city like Moscow or St.-Petersburg there will be countless cultural activities for you to discover, — museums, theatres and places of interest are literally at every step in Russia, you might even have a hardtime choosing. Even after a very long time in Moscow or St.-Peterburg you will hardly learn even a tiny part of Russias
cultural heritage.
It is increadibly rich, full of abundance, so enjoy it!